You're probably here because on some level, you know your relationship with food and your body isn't working (yet).

You're in good company. We're all constantly confronted with "new" and shiny information about the body -- specifically how to stay thin and lose weight. People have caught the fat loss bug in a major way. I know you know what I'm talking about.

Yet despite the abundance of information at your disposal, you can't seem to translate any of it into a way of changing your body that feels good. That's what we're all after with this whole fat loss thing, right? Changing our bodies so that we can interact with the world in a better way. And then we'll finally feel good.

But in practice and in the big picture, dieting and exercise probably feels a little hollow, and not liberating, as promised. It might make you feel a bit more boxed in, instead of open, light, and connected. You might stress out on a daily basis about what to eat, how much of it, and when. This could manifest as calorie counting, weighing food, cutting out entire food groups (usually starchy carbs), weighing yourself multiple times a week, night eating, binge eating, and more.

You might be wondering things like:

  • "How can I lose weight and tone my body in a way that's liberating instead of stressful? I'm sick of cutting out certain foods, then feeling guilty when I finally eat them. The cycle sucks."
  • "How can I get the body I want and finally keep it long term? My weight keeps going up and down."
  • "How can I lose weight without calorie counting and generally being so controlling?"
  • "Is it possible to eat out with friends, drink, and travel while still maintaining a body I love?"
  • "How can I spend less time and energy thinking about food? Deciding what to eat can be so draining."

Basically, your fat loss mission is warping your life instead of lighting you up.

Good news: there's another way.

I mentor women who want to change their bodies without stress and with a lot of ease, happiness, and joy. I help women get real results (read: the bodies they've always wanted) while guiding them to feel at ease going out with friends, traveling, and more. To be clear, all of this happens through guts and hard work. We do not get the body we've always wanted through more of the same. We get it through choosing to trust in a new way, looking inward, acknowledging/confronting/moving through the darkness, and rebuilding with love as the guiding force.

All of this work comes down to one word: FREEDOM. Freedom of the mind, freedom in life. Freedom that unlocks your ability to make your dent in the universe. 

I'm so happy you're here. Let's do this.

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is a power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.
— Viktor Frankl

Who Am I?

California-born, dancer since I was 3. Moved to New York at 18 to attend NYU. In NYC, I fell in love with weightlifting, Gender Studies classes, and walking around the city to explore. I interned in fashion, and was enthralled with everything runway, neon-accented, and Giovanna Battaglia.

I was also on a mission to lose weight, and eventually decided to enter a Figure competition. Figure is a division of female bodybuilding, and requires extremely (emphasis on extreme) rigorous training and dieting all year round. I stepped on stage for the first time on my 20th birthday.

Competing was both the best and worst thing I've ever done. It showed me the depths of my own strength, while simultaneously disconnecting me from the most important things in my life. After three straight years of working out 6 days a week, sometimes multiple times a day, and calculating almost all my calories to a tee, I quit competing. (That's a story for another time). 

The summer after closing that curtain, I traveled to Palestine, where my dad's family is from. I decided during that trip to confront my troubled relationship with food and my body. I remember the exact moment: I was sitting in a restaurant eating fattoush salad, and was finally ready for something to shift.

I went back to New York, reached complete burnout, graduated, moved back to California, and slowed down my pace of life. I breathed, I yoga-ed, I fell asleep in complete silence, I walked around barefoot, I connected and reconnected with life-changing mentors. I healed. Most of all, I learned how to nourish myself. In every sense of the word.

I'm here to help other young women do the same. Navigating food, mind, and body challenges/triumphs is something to be experienced together. It can be miserable, enlivening, anxiety-provoking, boring, fascinating, freeing, and everything in between. I think I'm most interested in that last word: freedom. That's the core of it. That's what it's all about.


  • Precision Nutrition Level 1, Exercise Nutrition
  • Personal Trainer, National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Women's Fitness Specialist, National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Bachelor's in Gender Studies, Visual Culture, and Documentary Film with a focus on fitness media and body dysmorphia, NYU graduating magna cum laude