"Working with Val has been an incredibly powerful experience for me. It's like a veil has been lifted from in front of my eyes. I never quite realized all the ways I had been using food as an emotional coping mechanism in small ways for years, or punished myself mentally with eating.

Val challenged me to confront the emotions underlying my eating habits and take charge. She helped me become the one in control of my eating and lifestyle, rather than letting food be the thing controlling my life.

Our work together not only allowed me to achieve the physical results I desired, I also feel like a weight has been lifted. I feel a lightness and joy with eating and cooking and much more free and empowered as an individual.

Val is a true expert who understands the intersectionality of fitness, nutrition, personal freedom, and empowerment, and knows how to combine these elements to create a personalized plan that works. This is a complete lifestyle shift for the better and now that the veil has been lifted I will never go back. I can safely say I love and respect my body!"

– Lisie, client, California


"I signed up for Nourish because I wanted to get over my weight loss fears.

[Valerie's] knowledge and thoroughness made me feel like anything I was about to try for the first time was very doable and safe. Because of this, I now feel like it's okay to ask questions. It's okay to not know where to start. Val believes in me and I 100% know it.

After Nourish, I'm working out 4 times a week and feeling stronger than ever. Nourish helped me accomplish the first and most important step in reaching my fitness and health goals: a changed mind. It's not easy, but can be a lot easier with the right support system. Thanks, Val, for your commitment to my health. I can now more lovingly nourish my thoughts and body."

– Brenda, Nourish student


"Initially, I signed up for Nourish because I was exhausted by the continuous cycle of dieting and binging that came along with years of hating my body. I have been on an assortment of diet and exercise 'regimes' since I was 9 years old and my earliest memories revolve around people commenting on my body, eating habits, and looks. I have suffered from bulimia from the age of 12 and whenever I tried to lose weight or gain control of my eating habits, I would do so in an incredibly unhealthy way in order to see the greatest “results” the fastest. Even when I was at my lowest weight, I still picked apart my body and all the supposed flaws of it at every chance I got. It was mentally and emotionally exhausting and I ended many days in tears loathing my body.

When I met Valerie, I was skeptical of her approach, as nothing had ever worked long term for me before. My skepticism, however, vanished quickly. In our first session, Valerie put me at ease and allowed me to feel light and free when talking about food in a way that I had never had in the past 12 years. Rather than feeling guilty and ashamed, I felt at liberty to discuss my issues so we could work together to create a solution.

Working with Valerie was hard. I was challenged in ways that I never thought I could be, but was constantly inspired not only by her, but also by a close friend who had found peace with Valerie’s programs. When I was discouraged, I would re-watch sessions and regain the control that I had begun learning through Nourish.

My whole outlook on food and movement has changed since beginning Nourish and meeting Valerie. I used to believe that I was stuck in a rut of hating my body and being a slave to my food and body insecurities, but now realize that my body is resilient and I can come back from anything with the right mindset.

I have lost about 10 pounds in the 8 weeks since I began this journey with Valerie without much effort at all. As excited as I am for the weight I have lost, I am more excited for the things I have gained: a sense of control over my choices and habits, a newfound love for all the amazing things my body is capable of doing, freedom to not constantly think about food and body images, and many more things.

I would recommend Nourish to everyone I know who struggles with food and body image issues. It has taught me so much about self-love and acceptance and put me on the path towards healthy living for which I am deeply indebted."

– Meg, Nourish student and 1:1 client

I'm blessed to have met Valerie prior to working with her at a professional level. At our chance meet up with mutual friends Valerie casually shared her own personal experiences with nutrition, exercise, lifting and working with clients. I easily sensed Valerie's compassionate, caring heart. As Valerie enthusiastically shared the services she offers her clients along with minor details i.e. customized plan creation for each individual client, I chose in that moment to become a client.

My goal when joining Valerie was to create systems, plans and processes to improve daily activities, increase nutritional meal value for my family and receive an exercise plan that fit me best. I loved the ability to text message her with any questions that came up between sessions. At Week 2, I discovered by following Valerie's meal recommendations I felt clearer and lighter and was moving forward in my desired direction. At Week 4, I recognized strength building.

I cannot share enough about this incredible woman. Valerie's guidance and knowledge gifted me with insights, empowerment and confidence. I'm incredibly thankful for the many gifts I received when working with Valerie. I feel I gained an amazing friend, and I'm looking forward to seeing her continue this life-changing work. Thank you, Valerie.

– Brandy, 1:1 client

I signed up [to work with Valerie through] Nourish because, simply put: I was done wasting energy on hating my body. Since I can remember, I have felt uncomfortable in and unsatisfied with my body. Throughout my late-teens and early-twenties, I struggled with every type of disordered eating – restrictive and binge eating, alike. I lost lots of weight, and then I gained it back. I never felt satisfied, and yet I was too exhausted from all of the hating to make permanent changes. There is nothing worse than feeling stuck in a place that doesn’t do you justice, yet not having the encouragement or the tools to dig yourself out. That’s where Valerie came in.

Valerie is truly one of the most genuine healers and teachers I’ve ever met. Obviously, she’s an expert in the world of food and fitness, but Valerie goes above and beyond classroom knowledge in her compassion and empathy for others and her passion for female empowerment and self-love. Valerie’s energy is simultaneously comforting and invigorating because she understands what it’s like to transform one’s relationship to their food and body and come out victorious. 

Most importantly, Valerie taught me that good results aren’t good results unless the process is good, too. Before I started Nourish, I specifically remember telling a friend that disordered eating would always be a struggle in my life – and accepting that idea at face value, as something I’d have to deal with for the rest of my days. Valerie and Nourish completely changed my worldview and my ability to see myself as a woman of change, power, and value. 

After Nourish, I feel light and at ease with my food, excited about exercise, and curious about the balance between the two. I’ve abandoned the guilty feelings that used to accompany every meal and every missed day at the gym.

When I sit down to eat, be it alone or with friends and family, I no longer meticulously calculate the content of my food and whether or not eating it will serve a restrictive, unhealthy fantasy of myself that I’ve created.

When I sit down to eat, I am present at the dinner table and I relish the taste of my food.

When I sit down to eat, I delight in eating – something that hasn’t been present for me around food in years.

And getting up after a meal is no longer accompanied by the lingering anxieties and hesitations of what I should be eating or how I should be feeling about food – I leave the table, knowing that I nourished myself in more ways than one, and that’s that. Yes, no relationship is perfect – not even with yourself – but most days, I feel a strong sense of peace.

What’s more, Nourish provided me with a wonderful “forever” community of strong-willed, like-minded ladies who I can go to when times get tough. That’s all that I can ask for.

All of my female friends would benefit from Nourish. Whatever your history or relationship with food, Nourish is the moment in which to reclaim your narrative and change it for the better. 

Don’t wait a second longer – dive in and I promise you, good things will happen."

– Sasha, Nourish student and 1:1 client

I originally decided to work with Val because I needed help in the food department.  My weight has been an ongoing battle for as long as I remember, but when I became a work-at-home entrepreneur, I found that not only was weight still an issue, but my energy was depleted.  I didn't know what to eat for breakfast, I never made time to eat lunch, and would usually order out for dinner because I was famished and didn't want to cook.  I felt like my whole day was out of control and I realized that I wasn't showing up in the way I wanted to show up because of it.

What I love about Val is that she has a holistic approach to food/weight/working out.  I came to her for food help, but we talked about my sleeping schedule, my self-care practices, my ultimate goals as a human being (!!), and how I could use food and exercise in my favor.  Because of her sage guidance, I am going to bed before midnight, which means I'm getting up at a decent hour.  I meditate daily, which really clears my brain for the day.  I'm NEVER confused about what to make for breakfast and I actually make time to cook lunch during the day.  This has forced me to create a schedule for my day - which has helped me so much in terms of productivity! It's like I have time (and energy) for everything that I have been wanting to do.

My work with Val has led to so much more peace, ease, and grace.  Val gave me permission to be healthy on my terms. I am moving my body at least 3-4 times a week in ways that I love - it's never a hassle for me to "work out" now.  I eat what I want and am actually enjoying choosing healthier items.  I also have more energy for things outside of my business: my relationship with my partner has bloomed because "I'm tired" is no longer an excuse. 

Val is packaged as a food and wellness queen, but she's that and so much more.  She's an absolute life-changer; working with her will allow you to live the life you know you are capable of.  Thank you for EVERYTHING, Val -- seriously.

– Alionka, client, New York

“I decided to work with Valerie because I somehow saw her posts on Instagram and resonated with her idea about making your life experience beautiful instead of thinking about what you can’t eat and how to lose weight.

It felt real and whole. Exactly what we long for deep within.

I’ve tried every diet, of course. I’ve starved myself and done every cleanse. But after my session with Valerie, I felt like I was already on the path. I was already successful. I felt like my heart and head were in the right place. That was huge for me. Food has been my heaviest obsession -- comparing myself in social settings, family gatherings. And she helped me feel like since I was on the path, I had already reached my destination. It wasn’t something far off. I was already partnering with the truth of living life beautifully.

The most surprising thing I learned? That I already had the tools to overcome and that I knew I did all along. Valerie just affirmed that. I realized I was already smart enough to know what makes me strong. She helped me find my wisdom.

Valerie helps you let go of all the ideas that ‘skinny’ is the goal and that you have to get there fast. Her smile and gentleness and relatability… she just makes you agree with the core of your beliefs. She makes you know that you knew all along. She gives you permission to believe in your own wisdom.

It’s really transformational.

And just knowing that someone like her is out there and believes what you believe makes you feel this strength in your heart that rises up and takes over your scenes that are typically clouded with insecurity and fear.”

--Erin, client, Southern California

"Working with Valerie is such a game changer! Every Skype session with her is like drinking a cup of calming tea and being hugged and having your hair combed by your own mother. I had recently started the process of being a full-time photographer and was experiencing a lot of self-doubt and anxiety. She helped me understand what my body needed and was able to push me out of my comfort zone but at the same time give me grace when I needed it. She cares deeply about you and truly wants to see you at your best.

The best part is that you have an advocate that is rooting for you, holding you accountable, and who is there for you whenever you need a shoulder to cry. I love how Valerie continually asks good questions and digs at areas of your life until something crucial (either painful or joyful) emerges. She helped me establish morning routines, diversified my work out (or lack thereof) routine, and brought back confidence into my business. 

Please do yourself a favor and connect with Valerie if you are struggling in your career, your goals, diet, work out routines, even your romantic relationships! She doesn't just give you tips on how to eat healthier, she changes your philosophy on food and life. My business wouldn't be where it is today without her!"

– Bethany, client, New York

"Where do I begin? Val is a gifted health coach who cares deeply about the women that she services. Her scientific knowledge about the body combined with her intuitive nature is the perfect combination for anyone who wants to work with a coach to help them heal their relationship with food and overall body image.

Since I've known Val, my approach to eating has completely changed and I now feel I can make informed, conscious decisions about what I put in my body daily. She is the most grounded, spiritually guided, no-BS health coach ever."

– Danetha, founder of Money and Mimosas, California

"Your refreshing and positive personality is contagious. Since we started working together, I've built muscle and lost about 10 pounds. I gained a higher knowledge of fitness and nutrition, and learned the importance of being present with myself and my thoughts. I also gained the strength to push through even when things aren't easy.

I felt like you were always honest with me, and your honesty is something that others will really appreciate also. Thank you for your dedication to me."

– Rachel, client, California

"Working with you is empowering, rewarding and challenging. You are thorough and perceptive.

You push me to reframe thoughts, challenge negative patterns and to trust that growth requires risk."

– Sarah, client, California

"I want to give a shout out to Val Bisharat. I've been using the gluten/dairy/nut free meal plan she made for my family since the new year and have steadily lost a pound per week. Also, my grocery bills have been cut in half and I'm wasting much less food. I have so much healthy food prepped in my fridge right now to get us through the weekend that I'm not even vaguely tempted to eat crappy take out food instead. Total win! Thanks so much, Val!"

– Jen, client, Arizona

"You are all about positivity, uplifting people, and helping them accept how beautiful they are. You have such a gift to help people, and create positive impact in the lives of everyone you meet. You are incredibly wise, and the most sincerely supportive person I've ever met. You make people feel free."

– Natalie, client, New York

"You're a brilliant, kind, natural coach who is invested in people's success.

You listened to me and my needs, and did an amazing job guiding me along the way.

I'm doing everything I was hoping to do after working with you."

– Dara, client, California


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