7-Day Nourish Yourself Challenge Day 5: Create a Morning Routine

Welcome to Day 5 of the 7-day Nourish yourself challenge!

Today's challenge is to Create A Morning Routine.

(Scheduling note: you'll be implementing this practice tomorrow morning first thing. You'll also receive Day 6's prompt tomorrow, which you'll complete on the same day. I've included 2 extra morning routine-related challenges for you today in case you want to put something into practice! See below for more.)

A morning routine helps you get in touch with yourself and your inner guidance system. This connectedness in turn lets you make choices around food, body, and otherwise that truly serve you.

Implementing a morning routine also reduces stress. It helps you start the day on a clear, centered note instead of being pulled into ideas relating to other people.

A powerful morning routine has 2 qualities: 1) It excludes technology for the first 15-30 minutes of the day! 2) It includes activities that feel easeful to you.

Examples of morning activities: read a book in bed; write in your journal; stretch; practice yoga; make tea or hot water with lemon; sit in stillness; meditate; listen to a guided meditation.

For example, here's what I did in my morning routine today:

  • Meditated for 18 minutes
  • Spent 5 minutes envisioning what actions I want to take today
  • Envisioned a "day in the life" of when I've fully embodied my goals (as per Day 1)
  • Listened to 2 inspirational talks
  • Stretched for 5 minutes

My morning routine takes about an hour but yours need not take longer than 15-30 minutes.

Implement this tomorrow and then come on over to our private, closed Facebook community, The Lair, to let us know how it went! I can't wait to hear.

If you want to implement a morning routine-related challenge today, here are 2 great starting places...

  1. Buy an alarm clock so you don't have to use your phone to wake up!

  2. Implement a night time routine this evening. Shut off your phone, dim the lights, light some candles, and reflect on the day. I love to journal about how the day went and anything I learned from it. This'll help you fall asleep more peacefully and make the best of the day's wisdom.

Til tomorrow...


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