You're passionate and curious. Creative and sensitive. You love life. But when it comes to food and your body... you're stressed. Frustrated. Stuck in a cycle that doesn't feel good but don't know how to get out of.

Are you sick of feeling frustrated with food? Tired of comparing yourself to other women and criticizing your body? Ready to eat healthy as a lifestyle but not beat yourself up those few and far between times when you don't?

Let's make it happen. It's time to feel comfortable in your skin, at ease, and fully alive. Because...

When you do, everything begins to fall into place. 

Anxiety? It dissipates (really). Romantic relationships? Healthier. Your job? Either you'll begin to love it, or have the awareness and courage to find your real passion then follow it. Life? It feels like freedom.

How do you get there? You Nourish yourself. 


Nourish is the program designed to help you feel at ease around food and confident in your body – and teach you the skills to live healthy for the long term.

Listen, I've been in your shoes. I used to be so focused on losing fat that I'd log every calorie that went into my mouth. Then because like anyone else I could only stand restriction for so long, I'd end up binge eating... up to 5,000 calories in a sitting. (Only later did I learn how common this is... we just tend to be ashamed about it, so we think we're the only ones.)

Things only changed one fateful day when I was sitting in a cafe eating salad and finally mentally decided: "I'm not going to live this way anymore." Those were the exact words, and they reflected the fact that I could no longer live with the idea that life was passing me by as a result of how much brain space I expended thinking about food.

Although while I was recovering I had pretty serious anxiety (panic attacks and trouble digesting food; you may have already experienced this, we all have different paths!), I never had the urge to binge again. Not once! I was onto something.

Through lots of study, lots of persistence and tons of trial and error, I learned how to eat for nourishment, not just survival or weight loss. I also nourished my body through regular, self-loving exercise, quality sleep, and improving my relationship with myself. 

These days, the emotional charge I have around food is negligible. And as a result of choosing to invest in my emotional life and physical health, I live a miraculous life. 

As a health writer and teacher, certified Women's Fitness Specialist, personal trainer and nutrition coach, I've helped over 40 women like you do the same. Nourish is the 8-week online group program that will guide you step-by-step through the process.

You'll finish this course feeling comfortable with yourself and confident that you can live healthy without ever dieting again. 

Here's what Nourish participants are saying about their results:

"Initially, I signed up for Nourish™ because I was exhausted by the continuous cycle of dieting and binging that came along with years of hating my body. Even when I was at my lowest weight, I still picked apart my body and all the supposed flaws of it at every chance I got. 

When I met Valerie, I was skeptical of her approach, as nothing had ever worked long term for me before. My skepticism, however, vanished quickly. 

My whole outlook on food and movement has changed since Nourish™. I've gained a sense of control over my choices and habits, a newfound love for all the amazing things my body is capable of doing, freedom to not constantly think about food and body image, and many more things. 

[Nourish™] has taught me so much about self-love and acceptance and put me on the path towards healthy living for which I am deeply indebted." –Meg

I signed up for Nourish™ because, simply put: I was done wasting energy on hating my body. I never felt satisfied, and yet I was too exhausted from all of the hating to make permanent changes.

That’s where Valerie came in. She taught me that good results aren’t good results unless the process is good, too.

After Nourish™, I feel light and at ease with my food and excited about exercise. When I sit down to eat, I delight in eating – something that hasn’t been present for me around food in years. Don’t wait a second longer – dive in and I promise you, good things will happen.
— Sasha

"I signed up for Nourish™ because I wanted to get over my weight loss fears. [Valerie's] knowledge and thoroughness made me feel like anything I was about to try for the first time was very doable and safe. Because of this, I now feel like it's okay to ask questions. It's okay to not know where to start. 

After Nourish™, I'm working out 4 times a week and feeling stronger than ever. Nourish™ helped me accomplish the first and most important step in reaching my fitness and health goals: a changed mind. It's not easy, but can be a lot easier with the right support system. 

Thanks, Val, for your commitment to my health. I can now more lovingly nourish my thoughts and body." –Brenda

Let's help you feel healthy, inspired and comfortable in your skin. Here's how.

WHAT YOU GET with the program:

  • 8 hour-long video sessions (pre-recorded and released to you weekly by email)
  • Weekly session summary PDFs
  • Weekly Action Steps (aka "homework") to take each week to move you closer toward your goals
  • A 20-minute 1:1 check-in call with Valerie after Session 3
  • Lifetime access to all course materials including if the program gets updated in the future


  • Session 1: Mindset and Food Basics. Learn the three critical mindset shifts to make healthy living your lifelong gig rather than the next diet so you can feel comfortable in your skin. Understand the most important nutritional tenets for eating healthfully and having energy (all result in body fat loss but this isn't a focus in the module.)
  • Session 2: Self-Awareness. You can't change what you aren't aware of and this module shows you how to create awareness around an issue that may have been confusing you for years.
  • Session 3: Anxiety and Stress. Many people eat out of stress and/or anxiety, but that doesn't have to be you – no matter how long it's been the case. Learn 3 of my most powerful processes for releasing stress and anxiety so you have the brain space to think about the things you care about most!
  • Session 4: Exercise and Movement. Exercise should not be punishment and it can be fun even for people who've never found themselves happy going to the gym. Learn the three types of movement you should build into your routine plus mindset/tactical tips for making your workout routine second nature.
  • Session 5: Social Relationships and Love. Ever felt like your relationships are impacted by your relationship with food and your body? Have you felt stressed ordering food or eating in front of people, or like people are judging how you relate to food? So have many of us and I'm happy to say there are tools (3 main ones we cover in this module) to not experience this and strengthen your relationships in the process.
  • Session 6: Joyful Eating. Eating can be joyful rather than painful or stress-producing. Learn 4 practices for how to make this reality in the pre-meal phase, 3 for the food choice phase and 3 for during the mealtime phase.
  • Session 7: Stamina and Breaking the Pattern. At this point, it'll be 7 weeks into the program and as is *natural,* your motivation may have waned as it has in the past. Learn the 3 common patterns people fall into that keep them stop-starting, aka stuck. They'll help you round out Nourish™ strong and apply to any other program or endeavor you take on in the future.
  • Session 8: Self-Love. What it all comes down to in the end. In the words of businesswoman Tiffany Hardin, “Self­-love is the foundation for every other human interaction you will have.” Learn how to actually learn to love yourself in specific terms, not just loose catchphrases and build in practices that help you practice and solidify that love. 

Investment: $249 (save $25) or 2 monthly payments of $137

SAVE BY paying in full:

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What makes this different than other health programs or diets?
This program gives you both the tools to eat healthy and move your body well and to hone your mindset. Most programs either give you the information alone – which is useless without working on your mindset – or the mindset work alone, which is frustrating because you can't put it into practice. When you combine knowledge with a powerful mindset, you're unstoppable.

How much time will this take per week?
3-5 hours including watching the hour-long module. That said, you get back what you put in!

Do you accept all major credit cards?
Yes. Your payment will be securely processed through PayPal, which accepts all major credit cards.

What's your refund policy?
I want you to be happy with your Program so I offer a full refund at any time prior to the release of the release of the second week course module contingent upon you showing all your completed coursework to date. If for some reason after completing the work you wish to withdraw from the Program, you may request a full refund of payment made to the date by sending an e-mail with photo attachments of your completed coursework to nourish (at) valeriebisharat (dot) com. We will refund you via PayPal, no questions asked.

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More Words from the alums:

"If you're reading this: YOU NEED NOURISH!!! Such a game-changer in my relationship with food + wellness and female community-- without it, I wouldn't have healed my years of disordered eating and restriction. Sign. Up. Now. I promise you won't regret it!!!"


"Nourish is the best thing I have done to heal my relationship with food and my body. I am now down 10 pounds and have a newfound love of my body, food, and life. Sign up now!!!"


"Valerie's lectures rang so true to me that literally cried during one of her sessions – I felt like a big weight was lifted (no pun intended ;)) through hearing someone else articulate the shame, anxiety, and guilt I felt surrounding food and family. I really can't recommend her enough." 



Legal disclaimer: Please note that the information provided in or through the Nourish program is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical or mental health advice, diagnosis or treatment. We advise you to speak with your own Medical Provider or Mental Health Provider before implementing any suggestions obtained through our programs including but not limited to exercise, lifestyle, weight loss, food, meditation or participating in any other aspect of a weight loss, healthy eating, exercise and/or lifestyle program. We encourage you to read the Nourish Terms of Use, which you will agree to upon enrolling in this program, and are available here: