5-Day Holiday Reset Challenge

Feeling frustrated and discouraged about your health and fitness goals after Thanksgiving? So are lots of people, and I created this challenge to help with exactly that!

Let's lay out a 5-day plan to help you reset your body and mind before holiday parties, Christmas, and the New Year. This is all about discovering your inner light this holiday season and finishing the year/heading into 2017 strong. 

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Photo by Sojourner Society.

Photo by Sojourner Society.

Resetting your body and mind requires a couple of things:

  1. A plan. Fail to plan, plan to fail. I've strategized a 5-day plan based on my work with my thousands-strong community and clients, and it's designed just for you.

  2. Daily behaviors that help you reach your goal. Intention is nothing without action and consistency. Signing up for this Challenge is a commitment you make to yourself and will make your goals even more real, rather than something you just think about.

  3. Guidance from someone who's reached where you want to go. Period!

how it works:

  1. You sign up below
  2. Every day for 5 days, I lay out our 5-Day Reset Plan by email, giving you lots of coaching and encouragement along the way
  3. You implement each day's challenge and feel the most empowered and confident you have about food and fitness maybe ever, or at least in awhile!
  4. Everyone who successfully completes the Challenge will be entered to win a prize – you're not going to want to miss it!
  5. This is an Instagram challenge, which means in order to qualify to win the prize, you need an Instagram account that's public (at least for the duration of the challenge) so we can see your check-ins and cheer you on

To sign up, enter your information here – we start Friday 12/2:

By signing up for this challenge, you're also joining my amazing tribe of nutrition and fitness-loving women. We're so happy to have you!

Let's do this!