Day 7: Buy Yourself Flowers

It's our 7th and final day! If you're not ready for our work together to end, see Step Three for how we can continue helping you feel lighter around food and more comfortable in your body.

Today, your challenge is to buy yourself flowers. Since flowers are an "extra," this is a deep gesture of self-love and worthiness. It's saying, "I deserve to buy myself something beautiful, even though it's not necessary."

step one:

Pick up a big, beautiful bouquet of flowers and let 'em radiate love throughout your house. Enjoy them as you walk by, care for them as they age.

step two:

Snap a photo, post it on social media, and hashtag #NourishYourselfChallenge so I can come see your amazing flowers!

step three:

If you want to continue learning to live healthy as a lifestyle instead of the next diet, book one of the 5 strategy sessions I have available in my calendar this week. We'll discuss your goals, I'll give you 2-3 100% personalized tips to reach them, and I'll share how I can help you reach your goals and then some. 

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