Ready to lift without feeling intimidated by the weight room?

Want to get stronger without having to second-guess if your program is working, bogus or a waste of your time?

Introducing: Body Breakthrough Training

Body Breakthrough Training is a simple, science-based online strength training program designed to help you feel, look and think your best. Designed for the beginner weightlifter to learn the most basic, tried-and-true, high quality strength training information and feel comfortable in the gym along the way, Body Breakthrough Training is the place to be to learn the real deal with weight training.

As a long-time fitness buff, certified personal trainer and Women's Fitness Specialist with a passion for helping women fall oh-so-in-love with the gym, BBT founder Valerie Bisharat honestly got a little sick of seeing poor quality strength programming for women out there! Anything that gets a person moving is better than nothing, but there's a method and a madness to getting strong – and it's time to bring those simple, standard methods of strength-building to women everywhere.

Here's what makes this different:

  • This program is progressive, meaning we've designed the whole 3-month program almost like a math equation: with a clear destination in mind, reverse engineered to the set, rep and rest periods
  • This program is customizable, meaning we've designed this to include exercise progressions and regressions (more challenging, less challenging) for people of different fitness backgrounds, abilities, and injury histories. You will easily be able to adapt this to your current abilities and go from there!
  • This program is designed to empower you, meaning all along the way we'll be explaining our methodologies so you very clearly learn concepts and background
  • We keep it simple. Because there's no secret to getting strong... despite all the hoo-ha you see in the fitness industry these days!
  • We teach you the etiquette and logistics, i.e. how to pick up dumbbells, lift safely, load a barbell, communicate with your fellow gym-goers... in other words, the little stuff we haven't seen taught anywhere that'll make or break whether you're comfy and present on the gym floor!

We've never seen anything like this out there... that's why we created it.


What you get with the program:

  • 3 months of weekly exercise programming, outlined for you by the exercise, # of sets and reps, and length of rest periods
  • Instructional videos created by Valerie to teach you each exercise in simple, accurate, and effective detail, including progressions (harder versions) and regressions (easier versions) so you can adapt if needed

  • No equipment travel workouts to keep you fit in case you hit the road during the program and don't have access to a gym!

  • Weekly coaching emails to keep you motivated

Basically, a personal trainer and fitness coach in your pocket. 

No more confusion, no more wasted time.

Hiring a personal trainer costs upwards of $100 a session.

With Body Breakthrough Training you can get started for... 

3 monthly payments of $89:

Enrollment for Body Breakthrough Training is now closed.

Or, save $30 by paying in full ($237):

Enrollment for Body Breakthrough Training is now closed.

Note that by enrolling in this program, you are agreeing to the Terms of Use.

What they say:

Valerie is an absolute life-changer; working with her will allow you to live the life you know you are capable of.
— Alionka, client

"Prior to working with Valerie I struggled with my workouts feeling one dimensional and repetitive. I never felt like I got stronger or saw results.

Working with Val, I learned how to incorporate different kinds of movement into my weekly workout routine, and ultimately fell in love with new forms of exercise that I had never tried before.

With Val's workouts, I started seeing results almost immediately and after 8 weeks I really saw my body begin to transform.

Val is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to exercise, the human body, and nutrition. She is always there to answer any questions (big or small) and to encourage her clients.

Working with Val was one of the best personal investments I've made in a long time. She's worth every penny."

                    – Natalie, client


sasha says:

"While I’ve had a gym membership for over five years - and, during that time, gone religiously - I never felt like my time there was well-spent. Lots of cardio, lots of poorly-researched and ill-programmed circuits, and lots of frustration. I’ve always known that weight training was the key to fitness, but I was intimidated by everything outside of the bikes and the treadmills.

Valerie is essentially my fitness fairy godmother. She’s helped me to articulate my wildest fitness dreams and goals and showed me that, with planning and consistency, we can accomplish ALL OF THEM.

A badass trainer, passionate cheerleader, and thoughtful coach rolled into one, Valerie is a triple threat.

After only five months of fitness training together, I hit my first big fitness goal: doing 20 burpees in a row consistently! To top it off, my body has undergone a complete transformation. I feel SO strong and confident, feelings which have translated into all other areas of my life.

If you’re looking for an experienced trainer and inspiring coach to help you hit the iron and cultivate an irreversible love and passion for fitness, Valerie’s it."

Ready to get started? So are we!

how it works:

  1. You register and we email you with all the details you need for the program (important dates, how to join the FB group, etc.).
  2. You mark your calendar for Feb. 1, our first week of workouts.
  3. We hit the ground running.

3 monthly payments of $89:

Enrollment for Body Breakthrough Training is now closed.

Or, save $30 by paying in full ($237):

Enrollment for Body Breakthrough Training is now closed.

Note that by enrolling in this program, you are agreeing to the Terms of Use.

We can't wait to work with you!

(Questions? email us at info (at) valeriebisharat (dot) com.)


1. Is it really possible to learn how to work out online?

YES! Online training affords you access to the best strength coaches out there, because you won't be limited by geography. It does require a willingness to study movements by yourself, but the trade off is a much lower cost than paying a personal trainer.

2. Are your coaches certified?

Of course! All of our coaches are certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and between us, we have specializations as Women's Fitness Specialists, kettlebells, Olympic weightlifting, and more. Valerie will be your main point of contact for Training, but her team provides assistance along the way.

3. do i need to be "fit" to begin?

Definitely not! We pride ourselves on making the weight room feel welcoming to women of all fitness levels, backgrounds, and goals. Our program together begins where you are and will take you wherever it is you want to go.

4. How do i sign up for the monthly payment plan?

Click the button below and fill out your information. You'll receive a confirmation email from us. Click the link in that email (important step to make sure you start receiving emails from us about the program.) Then, you'll receive your in-depth email from us containing all the details you need to know from there – important dates, what to expect, etc. You will be charged today for the first of three payment installments, then be billed monthly for two remaining cycles after that.

5. What equipment/materials do i need for this program?

A gym membership and a journal.

6. is this program for women only?

No. Men are welcome in the program and will get equally wonderful results – strength building knows no gender. 

7. what is your refund policy?

I want you to be happy with your program so I offer a full refund at any time prior to the release of the release of the third week of workouts. If for some reason you wish to withdraw from the Program, you may request a full refund of payment made to the date by sending an e-mail stating the reasons you are not satisfied to info (at) valeriebisharat (dot) com.


"Strength is a matter of a made up mind." -John Beecher