The Quest for the Perfect Water Bottle

My boyfriend used to carry around this one huge, metal water bottle everywhere he went. Working on his computer? There was the bottle. Lifting weights at the gym? Water bottle. Zoning out on public transportation? There it was!

I quickly noticed his routine of always having his water bottle on hand and was, quite frankly, impressed with his dedication to hydration. I viewed – and still do! – hydrating as a small act of self-care, but realized I had been neglecting this ritual, treating it instead as a chore. I was trying to force myself to drink the recommended 3L of water a day rather than delighting in how proper hydration made my body feel, look, and behave.

So I realized that what I needed to do to return to this feeling of self-care was to develop a routine like my boyfriend’s – but not just to always have water handy. I wanted to enjoy every moment of that self-care. I know it sounds a little crazy, but I wanted to find a water bottle that excited and enticed me to drink water! Something that was convenient, delightful (read: cute) to use, and that was made from safe and eco-friendly materials. That way, I could hydrate with peace of mind and in a sustainable way.

But instead of adding “water bottle” to my shopping list and picking up the next one I came across, I decided to dive deep into the research and find THE perfect one. Perfect meaning pretty, seamless to use, and made from the safest and most sustainable materials I could find. It took hours and hours, but it was worth it. Now whenever I use or recommend this bottle, I have peace of mind that it’s a great, healthy option.

Here it is!

bkr’s 1L “Spiked Tutu” in opaque ballet.

bkr’s 1L “Spiked Tutu” in opaque ballet.

P.S. – This isn’t a sponsored post. I’m just obsessed with this water bottle.

What exactly is it?

It’s bkr’s 1L glass water bottle housed in a silicone sleeve (and has a fabulous name – the “Spiked Tutu!”). As an added bonus, bkr is a woman-owned business.

They have lots of different colors and styles (including sans spikes, in case your vibe is more classic). The silicone sleeve makes it more durable.

I specifically chose the 1L size over smaller ones – more on why below.

Why did I choose it?

5 main reasons:

  1. The safety of the material – I wanted glass, not plastic or stainless steel. The concern with materials like plastic or stainless steel is that certain harmful compounds from inside of the water bottle can leach, or transfer, into our beverages. And then, we ingest them. Glass is considered a safe material to drink from.

  2. The sustainability of the glass bottle. bkr is 100% recyclable, silicone sleeve and all.

  3. The aesthetics. I meannnnn, look at it. Drinking from a cute bottle is one of those simple pleasures that makes hydrating more enjoyable and more frequent.

  4. The utility. It’s easy to hold and carry around throughout the day. The silicone sleeve makes it easy to grip and you can either throw the bottle in your purse or carry it around solo by holding the hook at the top of the lid.

  5. The large size. No matter what, I wanted a 1L bottle so I only had to worry about filling it up 3x per day rather than, say, 15x (this makes hydrating more sustainable). That worked out perfectly because the 1L bkrs have a wider lip than the smaller sizes, which makes them the easiest to fill up.

To this day, I love it just as much as the day it arrived in the mail!

How much does it cost?

The 1L bkr bottles start at $48 (I know, I know 😭) and run up to $60. They have a 15% off discount code for the first purchase if you sign up for emails. There’s also free shipping over $50.

I address whether this bottle is truly worth the cost below. Spoiler alert: it definitely was for me and I wouldn’t be recommending it if I didn’t think it was a good investment.

Does it truly matter to drink out of glass instead of plastic or stainless steel?

Since drinking water is something we all do every day and not just occasionally, I think drinking out of glass is worth prioritizing. It’s one way we can all reduce our exposure to harmful chemicals like BPA and heavy metals.

But that said, it’s not something to stress about, necessarily – make a plan to switch to glass eventually and move on.

If I use a BPA-free plastic water bottle, isn’t that enough?

Unfortunately, not necessarily. Ever since all the bad press about Bisphenol A (commonly known as “BPA”) came out a few years ago, companies have been removing that particular compound and calling their products “BPA-free,” when in fact they contain many very similar compounds of different names that are equally harmful and sometimes worse.

Will a glass water bottle break?

It’s definitely not an item to hold up in the air and drop off a balcony, but the silicone sleeve helps prevent cracks and breaks. I’ve used my bkr consistently for a year with no issues. I also read a bunch of reviews before pulling the trigger and there were very few reports of breakage.

That said, be careful if you take the sleeve off to wash it and consider keeping it away from young children. Like any glass products, it should not be exposed to rapid temperature changes or extreme temperatures. In other words, don’t put it in the microwave or freezer and it’s best not to leave it in a freezing car overnight.

bkr will also replace your bottle for free if it breaks within the first 90 days.

Is the big size convenient?

In the big picture, I think it’s more convenient than smaller options because it only requires 3 or so refills a day as opposed to 4x that.

With that said, the bottle is definitely bigger and a bit heavier than, say, a small, soft plastic water bottle. But I still carry it in my bag and consider it a small price to pay for a safe, cute, environmentally-conscious way to drink water.

How should I wash it?

It’s dishwasher safe (you can put it right on the top rack with the sleeve on!) or you can wash it by hand. Refer to bkr’s care FAQs here.

A word to the wise: I find the silicone sleeve really hard to remove unless the bottle is wet. So whenever I want to wash it, I rinse the bottle under the sink first to make it more slick.

$48 is a lot. Is it worth it?

Of course, money is subjective, but here’s my take: if you’re currently spending money buying single-use water bottles, then yes, it’s worth it, and if you’re wanting to invest in your health then yes, this is a meaningful item to spend money on.

Transitioning to drinking from glass isn’t necessarily urgent, so you could always wait and make this purchase down the line.

What are the downsides?

It doesn’t fit into car or cardio machine cup holders, but the smaller size bottles fit most cup holders. The lip is also smaller than other options out there, which means I often spill a little bit when refilling it (nothing major, just have to be attentive to my aim!). As mentioned above, it’s also bulkier and heavier than some other materials and it isn’t cheap. None of these are deal breakers for me, but perhaps they are for you.

bkr bottle2

Small moments of joy

I never pictured myself writing over a thousand words about a water bottle (haha!), but this bottle has made a subtle but important shift in my day. Hopefully this helps you infuse a little more joy into your hydrating routine!