Feel Like You Need a Post-Thanksgiving Reset?

Feeling frustrated and discouraged about your health and fitness goals after Thanksgiving? 

So are lots of people, so I'm writing today to share with you a couple post-Thanksgiving nutrition and mindset strategies to help you break the cycle of any guilty thoughts and have your healthiest, happiest holiday season yet. 

First, let's talk about what a "reset" is. I used to think that "resetting" essentially meant cleansing... i.e. restricting. Eating only home-cooked foods with no flavor, counting my calories and exercising to burn calories.

But what I learned first through personal experience, then through years of study, and now help my clients and students learn and change, is that going back to restriction is the flip side of the same coin that caused in the behaviors one feels they need to "reset" after.

Put plainly, research shows that restriction causes overcompensation. And the overcompensation often makes us feel like we have to go back to restriction. Negative feedback loop... unless and until we break the cycle. (Easier said than done, but I'm here to say it 100000% can be done!!)

So, how does one live a healthy lifestyle and lose body fat (if that's a goal of yours) WITHOUT dieting and restriction?

You live healthy from what I call a Nourishment paradigm: eating whole, unprocessed foods, working out, sleeping enough, caring for yourself out of a trust in and love for life rather than sense of inadequacy. (There are plenty of specific tools you can use to put this into action, some of which I lay out below!)

So, when I share these tips for "resetting" after Thanksgiving, what I'm offering are tools for resetting your mindset and food habits in a way that is nourishment-based (sustainable and live-giving) rather than restriction-based (emanating from a place of feeling not enough.)


Photo by Sojourner Society.

Photo by Sojourner Society.

  • Focus on eating a full serving of protein (~25g or a fist size) at each meal. This is going to take some practice, because most people eat nowhere near that. Try it for a day or two and you'll notice immediately that you have more energy and your mood is elevated. Stable blood sugar, baby! Works insane wonders.

  • Do a journal free-write every day for a week. Some of you may have not journaled in awhile or much at all, but extensive research has shown that journaling improves physical well-being, decreases stress and even helps heal physical ailments. (Crazy, I know, but look it up!) Processing your thoughts = awareness = solutions for change arrive = your life changes.
  • Get in at least 30 minutes of exercise four out of every seven days, exercising from a place of celebrating life and feeling fully alive rather than self-punishment. It's amazing what can happen when we reframe what exercise is for. Instead of looking at your workouts as a box to check off on your to-do list, think of them as an opportunity to shake up your energy, experience delicious sensation and shake off any stress.

Speaking of... I'm super excited to announce that I'm offering a totally FREE 5-Day Holiday Reset Challenge, no strings attached, that starts Friday 12/2. 

This'll be like a free 5-day mini-course that walks you through, in a precise and detailed way, my strategies for resetting post-Thanksgiving and heading into holiday parties, Christmas and Jan 1.

Enter your info here to sign up for the Challenge. Again, it's totally free:

Love and light,