One of My Top Tips for Sustainable Healthy Eating

Photo via The Everygirl.

Photo via The Everygirl.

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Hope this post finds you well and inspired.

Today I'm sharing one of the single most important habits you can cultivate if you want to eat healthy in a sustainable way: planning and prepping your healthy meals for the week. This is a great beginning-of-week practice.

Implementing an easy system for recipe searching, meal planning, and food prep is incredibly empowering. It means…

  • Healthy food becomes just as convenient as food that doesn’t support your goals – in this day and age, how key is that?
  • You spend less energy ruminating about food because your general action plan is already laid out. That means more energy to spend on your relationships, your fun time, your work, your life!  
  • You save money by eating in more often. I have a client who literally started saving hundreds of dollars per month when we shifted to having her cook at home.
  • Your schedule and life becomes more efficient because you know exactly when and how you’re nourishing yourself.  
  • You enter the week feeling happy with yourself for honoring your goals. Becoming aligned in this way increases confidence and plugs the energy leak that gets created when we have an intention but aren’t yet acting in line with that intention.

This doesn't need to take longer than it would to spend time perusing a takeout menu, placing your order, venturing out to grab a pre-made meal... it just requires knowing the tools and being willing to put them into play.

To learn the specific system I personally use and recommend to my 1:1 coaching clients for food planning and prep, click here.

Hope this helps you move through the week in a way that feels good to you.

I’ll talk to you soon!

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