My Typical Grocery List

Grocery List 1

Call me crazy, but I love seeing what’s in other people’s grocery carts – it gives me inspiration for new meal ideas and food products to try out. So today, I’m sharing my typical grocery list with all of you. While it’s always worth following the beat of your own food drum, I hope this will help clarify, organize, and inspire you when you grocery shop.

If you’ve read my other blog posts (like Meal Planning 101 or Grocery Shopping 101), you know part of what makes my healthy eating routine sustainable is that I’ve set up rinse and repeat systems for my wellness habits – and the grocery list is no exception. Though my grocery list looks a little different from week to week, there are definitely staples that I almost always buy so that I can eat healthy while saving precious brain space for other decisions. I use some of those ingredients for pre-planned meals, and others for more spontaneous dishes that allow me flexibility.

Part of how I think efficiently about my grocery list is by identifying what I need to get in categories – proteins, healthy fats, veggie carbs, and starchy carbs – because each time I prepare my plate, that’s what goes on it. And while my goal is never to have a perfectly healthy shopping list, because that’s an indication I’m actually on an unsustainable track, I do focus on buying about 80% unprocessed foods. I also usually buy the best sourced foods possible, which is obviously expensive. But I prioritize eating whole, nutritious foods and sacrifice other areas of my budget to make it work.

Here’s what I generally get to last me 3-4 days, assuming I’m only buying for myself:


From these items, and combined with spices at home, I’m able to mix and match ingredients to make breakfast veggie scrambles, homemade bunless burgers with different permutations of fixings, Buddha bowls, taco-style bowls, pasta/zucchini noodles with marinara sauce, and salads.

Here’s an action step to walk away with: start or continue to build yourself a grocery staples list categorized by proteins, healthy fats, veggie carbs, and starchy carbs. That’s the most important part of my list-making process. It’s a helpful way to expand what you eat and keep your plate balanced.

Happy eating!