Welcome to the party (in other words, it's launch day!)

You guys. I usually don’t swear on the internet, but this is a “holy shitballs of fire” moment. Today, I launch my new website!

I started writing Diamonds & Deadlifts a couple years ago, and have been working with one-on-one clients for some time now. But this launch represents something big: the moment when I pull everything together under one roof in a way that feels 100% RIGHT. Did I mention: I'm excited!

What you can expect to see here:

...Clear, well-outlined, sustainable tips for losing weight and toning your body without spending hours in the gym, at the grocery store, or in the kitchen.

...Refreshing, empowering ideas about how women can improve their relationships with food.

...Down-to-earth tips for integrating relaxation/stress-reduction practices with “Western” conceptions of fitness and nutrition. Also, lots of talk about how to decide which healing practices speak to you (not everyone wants to sit on a meditation pillow)!

...Ideas about how movement can help you unleash your freedom, instead of serve as punishment.

...Laughter. Some discomfort. Definitely lots of love, and tons of light!

I’m excited to take this party to the next level. Let’s do this.

Love and light (told ya),

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