How to Get Motivated to Work Out

Photo by Nay Marie Photography.

Photo by Nay Marie Photography.

You know you should be. Going to the gym, that is.

Maybe it’s been a weeks. Or six. Maybe you haven’t worked out in a year.

Regardless, you can no longer ignore that it’s time to get moving again – regularly, this time. Lifestyle status.

No matter who you are, reclaiming your motivation is a project. It requires awareness, effort, and practice.

Here are my top 5 tips for making the process as delightful and successful as possible.

(Even if you're in a regular workout routine, these tips will help you. They'll give you the tools to jump to the next level, stay motivated and be equipped when motivation inevitably wanes.)

  1. Name your excuses. Make a list of all the reasons you've avoided working out. Then for each one, write why that belief is either a) untrue or b) not serving you. So often, we adopt small, fear-based thoughts that subtly take over our lives. Once we shine the light of awareness on them, they disintegrate and we grow past them. 
  2. Outplan the excuses. Set it up so when it comes time to work out, there’s nothing to it but to do it. No old excuses to latch onto. Pack your gym bag the night before. Plan your workouts in advance. Prepare your post-workout meal ahead of time. Rig all the details in your favor. 
  3. Schedule your workouts. If it’s not planned, it’s not real. Put your workouts in your calendar just like any other commitment. I recommend taking 15 minutes on Sunday evening to 1) set a goal for the week: how many workouts are you going to aim for? and 2) plug them into your calendar.
  4. Up the excitement. The more you associate working out with things you love, the easier it’ll be to hit the gym. Make a new playlist filled with your favorite songs of the moment. Blast it on your drive to the gym ;) Put together a cute gym outfit. Cook an extra special post-workout meal. Be intentional and delight yourself.
  5. Focus on the wins. Wire your mind to know that healthy living isn’t a far-off fantasy, but is already here -- even if you haven’t reached the pinnacle yet. Each night, write a list of three healthy choices you made that day. Star your calendar on days you worked out. Give yourself a mental high five each time you wrap up a workout. Your “wins” are fuel, and they gather momentum so long as you pause to recognize them.

There you have it.

A friendly challenge to help you get the most out of this article: pick your favorite tip from above and implement it this week.

I think you'll love seeing the transformation in yourself!

Here’s to (re)commitment and being brave enough to try again.

Love and light,