9 Ways to Give the Gift of Wellness this Holiday Season

Is it just me or have you spent the last few weeks strategizing the perfect holiday gifts? I love thinking through what each of my loved ones would enjoy and settling on the item that’s the right balance of joy, utility, and affordability.

To hopefully make your holiday shopping easier, I rounded up my favorite gifts that support a healthy lifestyle (p.s. – this is not a sponsored post. I’m just really enthusiastic about each of these items). Enjoy!

valerie bisharat wellness gift guide

1. bkr glass water bottle, $48

We all know reusable water bottles are better for the earth – but glass ones are healthier too. Plastic bottles can leach harmful chemicals into the water. The bkr glass water bottle is  designed to be durable and is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. There are lots of colors and sizes available, but I recommend the 1ml version because it has a wider neck, making it easier to fill.

2. Maison Miru tiny crystal studs, regularly $29 with launch price of $6.99

Love these studs for everyday wear. They’re sophisticated but still simple enough that they match both gym and regular clothes. The posts are also short enough that they’re comfy to sleep in and to work out in. At the time of this writing, they’re available at the price of shipping as a promotion – check out the product description for more details. (Also, I personally got a pair this way and can confirm the company is legit).

3. Intelligent Nutrients certified organic hand sanitizer, $14.00

Enter the perfect stocking stuffer for the person in your life focused on using products free of harmful chemicals. Intelligent Nutrients is one of the cleanest companies in the game – but no need for skepticism, this sanitizer still works by using alcohol to kill germs. It’s become one of my top gym bag staples.

4. Vuori Performance Joggers, $84

Perfect for the gal who loves blending comfort with style, these joggers are great to wear while doing errands, working out, or practicing yoga. And they feel like butter. I prefer the heather gray version for its versatility with my wardrobe.

5. Stance Super Invisible 3-pack, $25

These are socks worth writing home about. They’re no show and stay firmly in place with no rolling or slipping. Such a relief for that active person who wants invisible socks that don’t distract you while you’re going about your day.

6. A day together in nature

For those less into material things, consider a (weather-appropriate) trip to the beach, hike in the woods, or day trip to a nature-y draw nearby. This can also be a creative option if you’re on a budget.

7. Cuyana leather tote, $175

I’ve worn this bag in black almost every day for the past two years and it looks as good as new. It’s casual enough to be used as a gym bag but dressy enough to take out to dinner. As you’ve probably picked up on, I love clothing that looks fab but that I can “set and forget” – this tote is exactly that.

8. Nike Free TR 8 in black on black, $100

The Nike TR 8’s look great with leggings while doing errands or with full gym gear for a workout. I find them super comfy too! (Check out my gym shoe-wearing guide for some other ideas on more specific gym and sneaker activities.)

9. CW Hemp Full Strength CBD Oil, $39.99

If you have a friend or loved one who’s working on de-stressing, getting better sleep, or overall taking better care of herself, I highly recommend picking her up some CBD oil. CW Hemp is my favorite top quality brand of CBD oil. Keep in mind that while CBD is legal most places, it’s illegal to fly with, so have it shipped. To learn more about CBD, read “The ABCs of CBD Oil.” PSA – everyone should check with their doctor before taking new supplements.

What’s on your gift guide?

Wishing you and your loved ones a great holiday season!