Should You Add Protein Shakes Into Your Diet?

There's a lot of talk about protein supplements these days. 

Will drinking protein shakes help you lose weight? Should you drink a shake for breakfast, or after you work out -- or both? How do you choose a protein powder?

I answer all of these questions and more in today's video, "Should I Add Protein Shakes Into My Diet?"

Specifically, I cover:

0:45 - Why choosing to supplement with protein shakes is a 100% personal choice
3:27 - The most important question to ask yourself when choosing whether to incorporate shakes
4:27 - Why supplementing with shakes in order to eat less food is a flawed nutritional approach
4:54 - A rundown of the foods the human body is *designed* to eat
6:20 - How the supplement industry creates fear of food and why that's counterproductive to your goals
7:15 - Why it's a good idea to incorporate more protein in your diet and how to choose what *kind* of protein to eat
9:14 - Example use cases for adding protein supplements into your diet
12:37 - How to choose a protein powder

Take a gander and let me know your thoughts!

Love and light,