18-Month CBD Check-In

So, it’s been 18 months of using CBD every day and many of you ladies were curious to know how it’s going. Here’s what’s changed since I started taking it, what I’d do differently looking back, and my plans for how to use it going forward.

TL;DR: I can’t imagine my life without CBD. I wake up well-rested almost every day, which still feels novel after struggling with sleep for years.

The backstory: why I started taking CBD

After college, I developed sleeping issues that I couldn’t seem to resolve. It took me forever to fall asleep and then I hardly ever woke up feeling well-rested, even if I’d slept for 8+ hours. If you’ve had sleep issues, you know the struggle.

Having a daily morning meditation practice solved the falling asleep quickly problem. But until CBD, nothing I tried for nearly 7 years helped me get restful, restorative sleep. CBD works on the endocannabinoid system, related to homeostasis, so it’s not surprising that it can help with recovery.

This is the oil I take – 3 droppers nightly under the tongue right before bed. 

What’s changed since I started taking it daily

Not to be dramatic, but everything – no joke. My sleep issues are gone, and that’s life-changing. I still take CBD daily and have no plans to stop. 

Here are the direct improvements I’ve seen, and which evaporate once I stop taking CBD for a while:

  • Waking up rested 90% of the time. I’ve beaten this drum already, so I’ll leave this one here.

  • Feeling energized all day instead of having waves of exhaustion. You know when you get really bad sleep and by about 1 or 2pm, you feel a sense of tiredness wash over you? That used to be my way of life and it hardly happens anymore.

  • Being totally functional on minimal hours of sleep. Before CBD, if I’d get less than, say, 7 hours of sleep in a night I’d feel like a hot mess. Now when that happens, I may feel a little draggier than usual, but I’m still mentally sharp and can show up fully for my life.

  • Feeling best on fewer hours of sleep – 7.5 hours now, instead of 8.5 before. You probably know that we all have a certain duration of sleep that’s optimal for us. Well before taking CBD, that was about 8.5 hours for me (which is hard to get on a regular basis!). Now, I do even better on 7.5 hours. That’s 7 hours a week given back to me to do things other than sleep. 

All of the results I’ve noticed are related to rest and recovery, which is the area in which I think I’d been lagging the most. Other people use CBD to help with anxiety, chronic pain, and certain medical conditions, though I can’t personally attest to those uses. If you’re interested in them, check out “The ABCs of CBD Oil.”

What I’d change if I were to do it again

I’d change 2 things, both budget-related, since CBD costs a pretty penny.

First, I’d change my mindset to see CBD as an investment rather than a luxury. It costs $50 a month, and much of the time that felt like a lot for a measly supplement-type purchase that I seemed to have to constantly replenish. But now that I see that CBD is part of the 20% of my behaviors that yield 80% of my results, I’d save the unnecessary mental back-and-forth about whether or not to repurchase it immediately and just see it as a leveraged expense.

Second, I’d simplify my life by buying the economy-sized CBD oil. It’d lower my cognitive load since I would only have to worry about replenishing every few months and minimize the risk of being CBD-less between bottles (which happened a few times and didn’t go so well).

Going forward

The one thing I’m adding to my CBD routine is buying CBD capsules that I can take through airport security in a more incognito way. Although hemp has been legalized and I’ve flown with CBD oil in my carry on before, I’d rather put capsules in a Ziploc bag to keep them with me safely while on the go.

Hope this was helpful! Keep me posted if you give CBD a try or want to share your results.