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The Body Breakthrough

The personalized 1:1 program helping you release food guilt, create your Forever Plan with healthy living, and finally feel light around food and comfortable in your body.

Serving clients all over the world.



The online program helping you end your food guilt, live healthy, and love the life you live. Learn both the practicals and the mindset necessary to jump from being on-again-and-off-again to living healthy as a lifestyle.

Serving clients all over the world.

Body Breakthrough Training

The online strength training program designed to help you feel, look and think your best. Designed for the beginner weightlifter and featuring videos on gym basics, BBT is the way to get comfy and strong in the gym as a woman.

Serving clients all over the world.

Single Body Breakthrough Session

The single 1:1 session session helping you get clear on how to begin your food/body freedom journey, even if you've struggled for years. You'll walk away with three key insights on how to eat moving forward.

Serving clients all over the world.

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