Image by Sojourner Society.

Image by Sojourner Society.

Valerie Bisharat is a writer, nutrition and fitness coach, and speaker who shows women how to live a healthy lifestyle that’s sustainable and stress-free.

The creator of Nourish, the online program that shows you how to make healthy eating a lifestyle, and Body Breakthrough Training, the online weightlifting course for women who want to feel confident in the gym, Valerie’s work has appeared in Huffington Post, Wanderlust, Yoganonymous, Women 2.0, and the Evernote blog. She serves as a consultant to several venture-backed wellness and lifestyle companies, developing content and educational products.

Valerie is trained as a nutrition coach, women’s fitness specialist, and personal trainer, and graduated magna cum laude from NYU where her interdisciplinary research explored how fitness advertising influences female body image.

Prior to taking her business full-time, Valerie worked as an online marketer at a Silicon Valley video education startup. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.

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