ANNOUNCEMENT: What's fun, free, and energizing all over?

Thrive. There’s no word with a meaning quite like it.

Take 10 seconds to look away from the screen you’re reading this on, and soak in your understanding of what it means to thrive.

Think about the different facets of that word. Connect with the feeling of being energized by possibility.

All done? Okay. Well today, I’m announcing a FREE challenge that’s all about rebooting your thrive.

The 21-Day Fall Thrive Challenge is all about living your best life. Basically: feeling at peace, having our work contribute joy to our lives instead of sapping energy, and renewing our zest for "the small things."

Consider this your formal invite to #ThriveChallenge.

WHAT: For 21 days, Danetha Doe and I will be guiding a community of positive, passionate Thrivers in taking daily actions that help us all live our best lives. We’ll share our top low effort, high return health and lifestyle habits. To be clear, this is not a weight loss challenge. This is about helping you feel empowered, energized, and revived from the inside out.

WHY: Because you are meant to do amazing things, and we are passionate about supporting that in any way we can. And because creating community around thriving is fun!

YOU ARE: Interested in living well (duh). Looking to reduce stress and increase energy. Busy, but committed to learning low effort, high return lifestyle habits.

HOW: Sign up at Each day we’ll drop a Thrive Tip in your inbox, and you’ll try it out. Pretty simple!

WHO WE ARE: I’m a women’s health coach, lifelong dancer, former Figure competitor, and certified personal trainer. I work with one-on-one health coaching clients, helping them make health and lifestyle shifts that support their freedom.

My co-host, Danetha Doe, is an entrepreneur and financial strategist who helps empower other business owners in their relationships with money. She’s also a dance teacher, former NFL cheerleader, and all-around thriver.

WHEN: Sept. 22 - Oct. 12.

Keep in mind that the Challenge is designed so that you can take the Thrive Tips you love, and use them long after the 21 days have concluded.

We hope you’ll join us:

Excited to take this journey with you!

Love and light,
Val and Danetha