7 Top Tips for Ending Food and Body Obsession

I remember the nail in the coffin. I was complaining to my then-boyfriend about how hard it was to get lean. I'd been obsessive about my food and workouts for a couple years, at that time landing at 9% body fat.

He inquired, "You know why it's so hard?"

Me: "Uh..."

Him: "It's not supposed to be that way."

Woah. At that moment, I knew I was fighting life on a very basic level.

And over the following few weeks/months, I slowly, reluctantly, surely realized that life was passing me by.

What experiences was I closing myself off to because of how much time I spent on my "healthy" living routine?

What thoughts never even crossed my mind because most of my brain space was allocated to thinking about food?

That realization -- wanting life more than I wanted my attachments to keep me "safe" -- coupled with action is what fundamentally transformed my relationship with food, my body, and myself. 

If you too are done spending life obsessing about food, feeling guilty after you eat, and feeling bad about your body, the 7-Day Nourish Yourself Challenge is here to show you another way.

Step by step, prompt by prompt, action by action.

It's time to stop trying to hang onto the bandwagon and learn to live healthy from a place of joy, connection, and nourishment.

We kick off Wednesday 2/17. 

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See you on the inside,